Telford Park rules

Use of any multi-ways or structures within Telford Park is at your own risk. Neither the EDBFA nor the City of Leduc are responsible for any damage or injuries incurred within the Park, which includes the Festival Grounds.  For more information, refer to City of Leduc Bylaws. 

  • Pets must be on a leash and on the path.  Pets are allowed in the Beverage Gardens, on a leash.
  • No open fires or barbecues.
  • The Beverage Gardens are minor-friendly. Minors must be supervised.
  • Please help us keep the site clean by using the designated garbage and recycling containers.
  • Smoking, and vaping are only permitted in the designated smoking area.

Site Security

Security is on-site throughout the weekend, though we don't recommend you leave valuables in your tents.

The Edmonton Dragon Boat Festival Association is not responsible for any lost or stolen items.


Festival Site Safety

We have a first aid station on site. Also, the trailer in the parking/yard compound is available for first aid requirements. 

We have golf carts on site as well for any emergencies on the water to transport athletes.  We have also connected with the local health communities and they are aware of our festival.   

Muster points are located at the gate.  In the event of an evacuation due to severe weather or other emergency, there will be an announcement made via the sound system or megaphone, and posted on social media.