Practices at Rafters' Landing

Our practice season runs on the North Saskatchewan River at Rafters' Landing. The season starts when the water breaks (late May to mid-June) until Festival. Up to five dragon boats can practice each hour.

Dragon boating requires 10 to 20 paddlers depending on skill and river conditions.

Once your team has registered for practices with the EDBFA, your team's practice times will be added to the practice grid calendar.

We provide the dragon boat, paddles and life jackets.

Cancellation/No-show policy

Only the EDBFA may cancel practices due to weather. Cancellations are posted on Twitter. Weather-cancelled practices will be credited to team accounts.  

If your team is listed for a practice and you no-show, the practice counts as having occurred.

Read the cancellation policy. 

Additional practices

Teams can book additional practices, or insert cancelled practices where available.

Contact your resource coordinator to re-book.  

Move your practice time (under construction)