What to wear

  • loose fitting clothing for ease of movement (denim is not recommended)
  • long pants in the spring and on cool summer days and layered clothing
  • capris or shorts for warmer weather (some paddlers prefer cycling or padded shorts)
  • wick dry clothing
  • supportive waterproof footwear with grips (running shoes or water shoes) and no flip flops as these are dangerous
  • hat (avoid baseball caps, as they may blow off your head or impede your paddling)
  • sunglasses – the kind you don’t mind possible losing in the water!
  • paddling gloves (optional)
  • light rain gear (breathable) that would fit under a life jacket

Please leave your jewelry at home, as it could cause injury or get lost.

What to bring

The following is a list of suggested items to bring with you.  We do have a secure place for your keys and/or bags.

  • water bottle (waist attachment is suggested)
  • change of clothing and footwear
  • waterproof sunscreen and insect repellent
  • lip balm
  • sunglasses with headband attachment
  • hat or bandanna
  • nutritious snack and drink for after practice
  • towel
  • personal, inherently buoyant PFDs are acceptable.
    Air-inflatable PFD belts are not permitted. 

You won't need

Your own equipment. PFDs, paddles and boats are provided. 

Where to park

Parking is available at Rafters Landing (9734-98 Ave NW). Please remember that parking is limited.

Photo by Linda Hoang. Used with permission.