Festival: answers to questions we've received—UPDATED 16 Aug 5 PM

Air quality, parking, PFDs, site info, tent assignments … you’ve asked it, we’re answering. Will be updated as we go.

So far you've asked about: 

  • Air quality
  • Parking
  • PFDs
  • Manager's/leaders meeting
  • Merchandise
  • Waivers, rosters, registering
  • tent assignments  
  • festival site map
  • volunteering—yes you can! 

Air quality—UPDATED

EDBFA has experience with smoke and air quality at festivals before.

Race and health officials will monitor air quality index. Based on that, we will make decisions regarding race interruptions.

Teams should watch Twitter and/or listen to the race announcer for updates.

If you’d like to keep an eye on air quality, you can visit this federal monitoring website.  



There is no parking at LBC. The parking lot is being used as part of the festival grounds. This shouldn’t surprise anyone—when was the last time you could park at a festival?

There is ample parking nearby. Please see the Travel, park, stay page. If you require handicapped parking and have a valid placard, limited stalls are available and will be given out first come first served by contacting us. If you are unable to secure a handicapped stall, we can shuttle you from your car in a golf cart.



Under no circumstances are inflatable PFDs permissible. This decision was made by the EDBFA board in conjunction with our insurance providers. All paddlers must wear inherently buoyant (i.e., foam-filled) PFDs, and these must remain zipped and clipped during the entire race, from marshalling and back.


Managers' meeting—UPDATED

The team leader meeting is at 6:15 on Friday at the Information tent. See the festival schedule. We strongly recommend your steersperson and drummer attend as well, as much of what is covered is race-related. 


Merchandise and jersey pre-order—UPDATED

Jerseys will be on sale at festival. However, some sizes are almost gone from pre-sales. Don’t miss out; buy yours ahead of time.

If you have purchased a jersey through pre-order, bring your order number/confirmation to the merch tent to pick up your jersey. 

Additional merchandise is available for purchase. The merchandise tent will take debit, credit, and cash. The merchandise tent will be open on Friday evening for pickup and purchases.

Waivers, rosters, registration—ADDED

All teams must bring signed, hard copies of their team roster/waiver to register on Friday 4-6pm to get wristbands at info tent.

Steerspeople can register separately at info tent for wristbands, especially for you’re in multiple boats. 🛶🛶

Tent assignments and festival site map—ADDED

Due to some unforseen landscaping delays, we were forced to rearrange the site somewhat. So, we don’t have an updated site map to post.

However, the site is extremely compact—unlike Louise McKinney which required a 1km hike to marshaling from Athlete’s Village.

It’s unlikely that we will be able to post tent assignments, but don’t worry—if you booked one, you’ll have one. When you come on Friday to register your team, our volunteers will tell you where your tent is.

 Thursday afternoon: a big pile of dirt right where the merchandise tent is supposed to be. We wanted to put up a tent and call it a “sandbox” but ... liabilities.  

Thursday afternoon: a big pile of dirt right where the merchandise tent is supposed to be. We wanted to put up a tent and call it a “sandbox” but ... liabilities.  


Any more questions? Ask them in the comments, or use the contact form. Please be patient; we may not get back to you directly because we’re up to our eyebrows, but we’ll answer your questions here so others can benefit too. 

And, we’d love more volunteers! 

If you have an hour or two to spare, we can use you on site Thursday evening, Friday all day, and of course during the festival. Email volunteers@edbfa.ca. 



Sedans can carry a remarkable number of PFDs and merchandise. 🌈🌟 



Molly is hard at work retrieving sticks from the course.