Pedal power for the Sourdough win!

EDBFA’s pedal-powered entry into the Edmonton Sourdough Raft Race won a prize! 

Built by Roger Kehoe and powered by Flaming Dragons members Alex Jovanovic and Nikki van Dusen, the craft was awarded “most innovative raft” in the 59th annual race. 

Criteria for the category is based primarily on craft design, as well as the extras the crew may have created to make their design or theme better. Selection was made by Race Admiral prior to launch—and likely after Roger cobbled together a way to mount the dragon head on its bow! 

 Roger fixing things so a head could be mounted. No harm came to the dragon head!

Roger fixing things so a head could be mounted. No harm came to the dragon head!

 Prize: $250 + Plaque

In addition to a plaque, stronger thigh muscles and bragging rights, the prize included $250 to donate to a charity of the winners choice.  

Edmonton Dragon Boat Festival Association is donating the prize monies to the Breast Cancer Foundation.

The cheque and plaque will be presented at the Edmonton Dragon Boat Festival at Telford Lake in Leduc following the Pink Ribbon Challenge Cup on Sunday.


Hanging at Heritage Days to promote the boat!

Come on down and visit our booth at Heritage Days this August Long weekend. We’re promoting the festival and the sport of dragonboating in Edmonton.

If you have an hour or two to spare, come share your love of the sport with others.  


Right by the lake; not on it.  


Fans for fans ... ? Hopefully the weather improves.  

Update ... 

It did not. Thank you to Darlene B, Sean M, and Cynthia M for proving that dragon boaters really do it in any weather!  


The forecast is looking up for the rest of the weekend; we hope to see you there!  

Heritage Festival is at Hawrelak Park until 9 pm Monday 6 August.